Sive returns for limited run following sell-shows

Friday, March 29, 2019 - 00:00

Following the SELL-OUT run in glór in March, Ennis Players will return for a strictly limited run of two shows on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th April. Sive played to capacity audiences over four nights and received standing ovations every night Here is just a taste of what the audience had to say: Saw Sive last night. Superb! Great pacing, casting, interpretation and one of the best sets ever. Many, many thanks for an amazing night of drama on Wednesday evening. We were delighted and emotionally drained on leaving glór that night. You have an absolute gem with this production - from the stunning sets to the powerful characterisations of all on stage. The hard work of many and your great leadership triumphed on the night. I am sure last night was as good and that all other performances will achieve the high standards you have set. P.S. - I knew the play very well but still ended up in floods of tears when Liam brought poor Sive in at the end and laid her on the table.... 'a cloth to dry her hair'.. I was at the play tonight, it was absolutely brilliant. It was so sad and powerful. Congratulations to all the fantastic actors, each and every one was fantastic but a special congratulations to our very own Deccie, that final scene scene had me in tears, you were amazing Well done again Bernie, fantastic production, really enjoyed it. You, the cast and all the team should be very proud!` The portrayal of Mena Glavin was amazing. Last night was how I always imagined the auld B++ch !! I would have a certain amount of sympathy for the character and her circumstances, but at the end of the day she is a horrible human being. I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The production was absolutely brilliant. From the point where Mena asked me to buy draw tickets over the tannoy to when Sive was stretched out on the table I was riveted. The dialogue, the actors, the theatre were absolutely fantastic. I thought the stage set was especially good. (I really liked the way the moon in the background changed position during the night scenes and the phases of the moon changed as the weeks went by). Great show last night, I really enjoyed it. Congrats and well done. 4 of us saw it last night, packed house, brilliant acting, brilliant set, tragic tale with some great comic moments, well done all...... Just been to your Show. Absolutely brilliant. Well done to you all. Highly recommend everyone to see these talented bunch right here on our doorstep