The Lonesome West

The Lonesome West is the third play in Martin McDonagh’s Leenane trilogy – the other two being The Beauty Queen of Leenane & A Skull in Connemara.

The play is set in the Connemara village of Leenane during the 1990’s where two brothers Valene & Coleman Connor are constantly having violent disputes over the most mundane & innocent of topics. The play opens with the brothers returning from their father’s funeral and the black humour is apparent straight away in that they could be returning from a wedding – there is no sense of loss on the death of their Father, as the conversation turns to the après funeral booze-up and vol-au-vents. This play is a comedy – the blackest of black comedies and you find yourself laughing at the most appalling situations

Fr. Welsh the local priest attempts to reconcile the brothers before their violent disputes erupt into vicious & bloody carnage. But he is constantly having crisis of faith & is so ineffectual that in his own words his parish becomes “The murder capital of fecking Europe”. He consoles himself with whiskey because he thinks that “God has no jurisdiction in this Town”.

Girleen is the school girl who sells her Dad’s poteen to the brothers and her character provides the play with moments of love & loss and hope for the future.



Valene             Jackie Scanlan

Colemen          Hugh Gallagher

Fr. Welsh         Joe Varden

Girleen             Ailbhe McMahon